Bee Removal Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bees?

Are you sharing your space with bees? While the bee population is reported to have been going through the steady decline, any resident who thinks it poses real danger have the option to call professionals who employ bee-friendly practices in removing the swarms and nests.

While removal does not come cheap, your safety is of utmost importance. Bees usually become agitated when sprayed with insecticide and thus may cause serious physical harm when they attack you as a group.

Costs of Bee Removal Services

The number one choice to avoid hefty costs would be to call the beekeepers in your neighborhood. You can simply search the associations in your state.

Beekeepers offer a broad range of services such as free inspection and removal of healthy hives, or those that have not been sprayed with chemicals. These hobbyists and bee lovers often look for hives that would yield honey and so they would need to identify if the swarm growing in your homes would be of addition to their collections. If not, they would not offer removal services, and if yes, they could even pay you. If you cannot find any beekeeper near you, give the nearest one to your state a buzz. Usually, they will charge you transportation costs.

Bee Removal Companies

Your second option is to call the companies performing the removal. They must have 24/7 hotlines and free inspections and give you the estimates.

They can charge from $100-$700, in some cases even higher, depending on the age of the colony, location of the hives and nest, and if there would be a need to perform post-repair of drilled walls.

The average cost of the job starts at $75-$150 per hour while the more complex operations soar to $200 to $2000. The hives found indoors are usually expensive to remove because of the architectural works needed for access and corresponding repairs costs. Outdoor bee removal should be minor and be a lot more pocket-friendly.

Swarm capture is the cheapest incurring only about $150. This involves the relocation of swarms in the bee apiary.

Removal of honey, brood, wax comb by cutting out the beehive, treating the space to make sure no bees do not re-inhabit and post-repair of the openings made to access the bees, cost about $400-600.

Exclusion of repairs and usually a guarantee of about three months in the service cost $300 or less.

Others charge base on the height of the nest’s location. Usually, they charge additional $5 per foot, if it is more than 10 feet high.

A younger swarm or new hive is cheapest to remove. Also, prices could be a little higher on most bee removal services between June and July, which are the busy season for bee removal.

Bee-proofing services

Bee-proofing is also included in some packages or at an additional cost, to prevent future nesting in trees, ceilings, and vents. Moreover, there are companies which offer guarantees on their treatment service such Chase Pest Control and Bee Service in Claremont, California. A three-year free of charge visit comes in their package.

Locating bee removal services in your state? Adkins Bee Removal offers the service in almost all states.

Value for money

There may be several methods to treat and get rid of bees if you are looking for friendly service professionals and rates, call at least three companies, negotiate and see which is willing to work things out for you. You should be able to find one that suits your budget, as there is competitive pricing in the market for guaranteed professional service.

Sometimes the lowest price is not exactly the best choice and a second treatment might be needed. Choose a reputable company and ask for their official websites to get reviews about their work.

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