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Bee Removal Services in Houston

All kinds of bee removal services are offered in Houston. Most use no-kill and bee- friendly methods (mainly relocation to apiaries), while other pest control companies go all-out on extermination.

While no rates are reflected on individual sites of these companies, they have hotlines and usually offer the quick response. You also have a choice from those who say they offer friendly and competitive prices to those that cover even the post-repair damages costs such as Houston Bee Removal.

An important factor in choosing a service is making sure the company will openly discuss the flat rates and will not surprise you later with so-called hidden charges.

Check out DELPA Bee Removal, Budget Bee Control, 3 Bee Guys, ABC Home & Commercial Services and 911 Bee Removal, if you are in Houston.

Free Bee Removal in Houston

You can also check the non-profit organization American Honey Bee Protection Agency ( because they perform removals all over Texas.

They are located in Austin, about 2 hours away from Houston, and would only need donations. Although if they go to as far as Houston, you may pay a fraction of the cost you usually should spend on bee removal services, for the transportation costs it will incur them – in the end, you spend less and get to help in saving the entire bee community responsible for pollination.

If you need bee removal in Houston, then you can find professional help, in terms of beekeepers, at the Harris County Beekeepers Association or the Houston Beekeepers Association. You may also try contacting any of the honey suppliers in your area. Many of them don’t simply resell honey, but have hives of their own and will agree to help you in exchange for the colony.

You may also search online for companies which provide bee removal services, though these companies will charge you a more compared to any of the associations and might require drilling holes through your walls, or tearing portions of them down in order to effectively remove the hive.