Bee Removal Las Vegas

Bee Removal Services in Las Vegas

Very recently in Las Vegas, a swarm of bees attacked a family and killed their dogs. Authorities advised residents to stay safe by shutting down their windows.

Bees in general, whether they are the Africanized type, which is a hybrid of European and African bees – or a regular honeybee, are venomous. Nevada usually has the honey bees while a small number of Africanized bees exists in the southern section.

Bees in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, spring and summer are the seasons they most active. The good news, there are beekeepers around the state who know well about nurturing these creatures and helping people remove unwanted bee hives and swarms from their homes. They can be found online through organized groups such as The Las Vegas, Northern and Southern Nevada Beekeepers Association.

If you want a free estimate from pest control services, you can also get them from companies such as the Bee Master of Las Vegas, Bee Wise Pest Control, and the Bee Removal Specialist, to mention a few. Tom’s Bee Hive offers lower costs with bee relocation than with spraying chemicals.

These companies are fully insured and also allow online payment through PayPal and credit cards.

Beekeeper Associations in Nevada

Being situated in Nevada, there aren’t many beekeeper associations around. You can contact Nevada Beekeepings, Halleluyah Honey and any honey suppliers in the area. Most of them will help you with no charge.

Bee Removal Services in Nevada

There is also the option of contracting a bee removal company. They charge up to $200 for the capture and relocation of a swarm, between $100-$700 for the removal of a hive and up to $300 for the extermination of a colony. Some companies will also charge you a minimum fee for the capture of a swarm, regardless if the bees are still there or not when they arrive.

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
Magic Wand Pest Control Serving Las Vegas and surrounding area (702) 525-8949
Tom’s Bee Hives Westside Las Vegas (702) 303-4517
Bee Wise Pest Control Serving Las Vegas and surrounding area (702) 743-0803
Bee King Bee Removal Serving Las Vegas and surrounding area (702) 453-3709
LV Bees Serving Henderson and surrounding area (702) 907-5221
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