Bee Removal Los Angeles

Bee Removal Services in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are about ten colonies of bee per square mile, according to inspections made by L.A. County Agriculture. Considering that L.A. is the second most populous city stretching 502.7 square miles or 1, 302 km 2 , you can say that there is a large, thriving bee community. This is no surprise because California is home to about 1,500 native species.

Los Angeles is a Bee-Friendly City

L.A. is nowadays considered a bee-friendly city, with the legalizing of backyard beekeeping and setting of buffer zones, yet there are reports of Africanized honeybees a.k.a “killer bees” roaming around and causing trouble. If you found some hives in your residence and you have zero information of their species type, do not hesitate to call experts who provide the best practices without killing the entire bee population.

Aside from the excellent advice and free service beekeepers offer, you can also call the District for assistance at (310) 915-7370. For emergency, do not attempt to deal with the swarms and colonies. You must retreat and seek shelter immediately and call 911.

Also as general safety, keep your pets away from hives. Never disturb nor spray chemicals to avoid getting into trouble with a swarm of irritated bees. When cleaning your backyard, make sure to do an inspection of the area before using tools that may accidentally stress the hives.

If you have problems with bees you may contact members of LACBA (the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association).

The members of LACBA will remove hives and swarms from anywhere in the county. The beekeepers will often only charge you for their travel expenses and will remove the colony or swarm for free, provided that it has not been sprayed with any kind of pesticides.

Bee Removal services in Los Angeles

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
Bee Green Natural Bee Removal Serving Los Angeles and surrounding area (877) 675-6102
All Bee Removal Serving North Hollywood and surrounding area (818) 421-4232
Bee & Wasp Nest Removal Service Serving Torrance and surrounding area (310) 316-9961
Bee Removal Specialist Pasadena – San Gabriel (626) 376-9249
Queen Bee Removal Serving Los Angeles and surrounding area Downtown (310) 737-8336
Sweet Bee Removal Serving Los Angeles and surrounding area (323) 892-4170
Hive Pro Bee Removal Serving Burbank and surrounding area (818) 351-7191

Bee Removal Services Costs in Los Angeles

A professional removal services will charge you $180 and over, based on the difficulty of the job. Some beekeepers and also some bee removal services will sometimes charge you a minimum price based on the distance to the infested site.

Beekeepers can be found either through the LACBA website, or by looking for and calling any honey supplier. Their number and addresses can be found in newspapers or using google.  Most services can be found online and offer to remove the bees the same day you call them.

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