Bee Removal Miami

Bee Removal Services in Miami

Beekeepers in the state of Florida are estimated to be around 5,000 strong and growing. The state has been one of the most persistent in advocating preservation of bees to combat the worldwide phenomenon of the decline of the bee population.

Free Bee Removal in Miami

There is Miami-Dade Beekeepers Association, which is a member of the Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association. You can contact their beekeepers for your bee removal needs however you have to be diligent if you are looking to have the hives or swarm removed for free.

Not all beekeepers perform free relocation, and you may need to send them information like pictures through their e-mail. Usually, if the hives are healthy and would yield them good honeycombs, they might offer free removal from your home to their apiary, and would only charge for transportation costs.

Bee Removal Companies in Miami

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
Florida Pest Specialists Serving Miami and surrounding area (786) 485-1839
Big Cypress Critter Removal Company Serving Miami and surrounding area (305) 417-1239
Crazy Bee Man Serving Hialeah and surrounding area (305) 299-8049
Goodbye Bugs Pest Control Serving Miami and surrounding area (305) 796-9642
Native Wildlife & Bee Removal Specialists Serving Miami and surrounding area (786) 263-2895
Miami Bee Removal Serving Miami and surrounding area (786) 554-0245

However, if you think the infestation is severe, such that the swarms have been there for about a month, you would have to consider calling pest control services. You can try AA Native Wildlife Removal, Bee Removal and Pest Control, Miami Bee Removal Corp., and Willie The Bee Man.

Bee removal fees usually range from $100 – $2000, depending on the nature of work needed. Do not panic on the amount just yet. Make sure you have asked different local beekeepers, pest control services and the state’s local extension under the Agriculture department for referrals, or best budget-friendly option.

Many times, the lowest fee is not the best and safest for a homeowner -so don’t jump on the lowest price alone. Expertise, insurance liability and warranty of service must be considered, which you can ask these companies.

The pricing is very competitive so just be patients and don’t compromise your safety and your neighbors too by getting amateurs to do intense labor. If it is a simple swarm removal, beekeepers might do it for free.

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