Bee Removal Phoenix

Bee Removal Services in Phoenix

Contrary to the decline of bee population happening in most parts of the world, Phoenix honeybees are 30 to 40 times more than what it used to be two decades ago.

Ethical beekeeping is practiced widely, and most beekeepers can help you remove a honeybee at a minimal cost, depending on their proximity to you. The Beekeepers Association Central Arizona in Phoenix lists the beekeepers” contacts for the public on their website.

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
The BeeMan Bee Removal Serving Phoenix and surrounding area (602) 748-4688
The Beehive Bee and Wasp Removal Serving Phoenix and surrounding area (602) 600-5382
Kyle’s Bee Removal Serving Tempe and surrounding area (480) 800-7037
ASAP Bee Removal Serving Phoenix and surrounding area (602) 751-1002
The Beekeeper Total Bee Control Serving Phoenix and surrounding area (602) 833-1990

Where to get bee removal in Phoenix?

Pest management services in Phoenix include the AZ Beehive and the BeeMan Phoenix, to name a few. Kyle’s Bees listed a price range of $100 for less than two weeks old hives, $150 for two weeks to 3 months old, $250 for three months to 1 year old and $350 for one to two years old. These are for bees located on the exterior such as trees and walls 10 feet and lower.

For those located inside any structure of the same height limits, the prices are double.

An additional of $25 may be added to the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. They also offer discounts of 10 percent for seniors 60 years of age and above, veterans and non-profit and charitable institutions.

The same amount is added for extra large swarms the size of a basketball and those located higher than 10 feet.

You may place your concern on the companies’ hotlines and ask for free estimates. Be sure to take the photo of the hives without disturbing them for easier reference.

Most companies would also offer free inspections and discuss with you the rates of their service. You can avoid re-infestation and additional services like bee proofing.

For cautionary measures, you must avoid stocking piles of trash and wood, fill cavities of trees and holes to prevent potential nesting. Spraying chemicals on hives is not a good idea as most beekeepers would not consider relocating them.

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