Bee Removal San Antonio

Bee Removal Services in San Antonio

Have you been noticing some bees more than ever as the season gets warmer? It is because during spring through fall, the swarms abound in San Antonio.

Rick Fink, the president of Alamo Area Beekeepers Association, have been educating citizens about the importance of honeybees in agricultural production. This is why if you are bothered by a growing hive in your backyard or home, you can place a call on their organization to see your best options.

They perform live removals from homes and commercial buildings, which saves bees at the most, and would possibly cost you less than contacting the pest control services.

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
Abolish Pest & Wildlife Control Serving San Antonio and surrounding area (210) 430-3996
Delpa Bee Removal Serving San Antonio and surrounding area (210) 303-9128
Honey Love Bee Removal Serving San Antonio and surrounding area (210) 789-7894
Vespid Pest Control and Rodent Control Serving San Antonio and surrounding area (210) 909-8858

Free Bee Removal in San Antonio?

In the same vein, the American Honey Bee Protection Agency in Texas offers removals mainly charging you for the mileage and fuel. They are stationed in Austin.

They will ask you to donate $200, or more if you are living 30 miles outside San Antonio, Austin, and Arlington. They would not be liable for any damages but promises to keep them to a minimal level, if the removal needs drilling to have access on the hives.

Do you have Africanized honeybees?

However, if the infestations in your home are that of the Africanized honeybees or the complicated kind such as on interior walls, you may need the service of pest management companies who can either include or not such post repairs In San Antonio, you may find Steve 4 Bees, San Antonio Bee Removal, Honey Love Bee Removal and 911 Honey Bee Removal.

Be sure to talk out your budget restraints to the beekeepers and companies, and find the one whose terms you find reasonable and fair. Usually, the price ranges are reasonable and can incur about $100 to $600, depending on the complexity of the work. The younger the swarm and colonies, the best it would be for you to have it removed.

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