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Bee Removal Services in San Diego

A study conducted by UC San Diego said that Africanized honeybees continue to thrive and search for food in the city. They make up 60 percent of the population currently foraging in San Diego and elsewhere in California. Furthermore, the biologists said that most honeybees you will encounter are not from managed hives but the wild colonies.

The good news, San Diego may be one of the best beekeeping states nowadays especially that the limits on keeping bee yards eased up years ago.

Free Bee Removal San Diego

If you are looking for free bee removal, it may be hard to find here. Unless you stumble upon small- scale beekeepers who will be excited to get hives for their collection, and eventually, for commercial uses.

Nevertheless, the San Diego Beekeeping Society has emphasized that the list of beekeepers they have do NOT offer such services for free. And also, unlike companies who have a pool of technicians, you must agree to their terms and rates before proceeding. Amateur and expert beekeepers vary on rates. They can charge from $100 and up, largely depending on the severity of the infestation at your home.

Bee Removal Companies in San Diego

Bee removal companies meanwhile include Safe Bee and Hive Removal, Anthony’s Bee Removal Co., and San Diego Bees, to name a few. The rates can start from $175. The warranty can be from 3 months to 3 years. When looking for the best option, you can ask for their years of experience and insurance coverage. Try to see how many are willing to work things out for your budget and yet guarantee that no re-inhibiting will follow.

What are the signs that you have bee infestation? According to specialists, one indication is when you see three or more bees flying around the exterior walls or on your roof. Also, if you do keep a garden, you would notice an increase of bees roaming around a flower bed.