Bee Removal Tampa

Bee Removal Services in Tampa

Beekeeping in the state of Florida is very much alive especially since the bee population has grown 145 percent over the last eight years. Till date, around 3,000 beekeepers are registered in the whole state.

The Florida Department of Agriculture allows insured pest control companies and licensed beekeepers to perform bee removals.

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
If Bees Could Talk Serving Safety Harbor and surrounding area (727) 288-3330
Insect IQ, Inc Tampa - Carolwood (813) 930-2847
Bee Removal Tampa Tampa (800) 834-5595
Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control Serving Tampa and surrounding area (813) 238-8189
Florida Bug Inspectors, Inc. South Tampa (813) 727-4758
Best Termite & Pest Control Tampa (813) 816-0013

Beekeepers in Tampa

While some beekeepers in Tampa might offer free swarm removal, or would need to be paid only for the mileage and fuel, make sure that it is not a transaction you would take at your risk. This means asking them if they will cover damages to you or your neighbors in case of mishaps during the removal. Ask for their limitations after a free inspection has been done.

A large bee colony consists of 50,000 bees, and they can pose a danger in your neighborhood once disturbed. If the species of bees are the Africanized honeybees, it is best to leave it to the pest control management companies since this is a very delicate operation and you would need a company who gives you liability insurance blanket.

In Tampa, you can call Nelson Pest Control, All Florida Bee Removal, Bee Removal Specialist and Eco Bee Removal, among others.

Free Bee Removal in Tampa

One of the best options for free bee removal is the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association, although there is also Florida State Beekeepers Association. There are also many local organizations, such as Beekeepers of Putnam County, Beekeepers of Volusia County and the Ecarosa Beekeepers Association which you may contact. In terms of bee removal companies, you’ll find Bee, Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet removal services about $50 for a basic removal job, but the price can climb to a few hundred dollars for more demanding situations.

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