Bee Removal Tucson

Bee Removal Services in Tucson

Winter and rains bring in more swarms of bees because such conditions allow them to feed well with the abundance of nectar and pollen.

In Arizona, it is a busy year for pest control services between March and May as well as from August to October, as bees multiply quickly. Not to mention, 80 percent of the population found here are the Africanized honeybees. In Tucson, there have been cases of africanized bees stinging humans.

Business Location Removal Contact Yelp
Arizona Pest Control Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 226-9984
Bee Bustin Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 665-2337
HTS Bees Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 612-0384
American Bee Control Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 780-1831
Desert Swarm Bee Removal Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 310-0707
Essential Pest Control Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 886-3029
Rigo Pest Prevention Serving Tucson and surrounding area (520) 744-6177

Africanized honeybees in Tucson

And since the majority of the bee population are the notorious killer bees, it is best to identify specialists who can help you very well. If somebody offers free removal, think about the worst consequence, as the homeowners could be held liable for live-removal- gone-wrong procedures because these beekeepers would probably have no insurances unlike those who cover such along with their rates.

Bee Removal Services Costs

Usually, companies charge $129 – $149 per swarm and could soar from $200-$600, if these are Africanized bees. Check out your options with small-scale beekeepers offering relocations of all bee types, found on the web. But be sure to do your homework of weighing pros and cons, as to safety and work guarantee.

Some companies serving Tucson are Arizona Pest Control, Rigo Pest Prevention, Essential Pest Control and Truly Nolen Pest &Termite Control. You can read up on the reviews of their past clients, too. You can also check out Tucson Beekeepers Public Group on Facebook for beekeeper suggestions and reviews.

Tucson Beekeeping Associations

While Tucson might not have as many options as far as beekeeping associations go, you can contact the Beekeepers Association of Central Arizona or even the USDA Agricultural Research Service – Tucson, Arizona. There are also independent beekeepers which will agree to remove any colonies that you might have on your property.

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